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Explore your Options with us.


Whether investing strategically, trading tactically or managing risk, we can help.

Cross-asset voice brokerage, direct market access and clearing for financial institutions, corporations and professional investors.


Why amtf?

Our clients choose us because:​

We are first and foremost a traditional voice broker. We use cutting-edge technology to complement, not replace, the way we service our clients.

We are good at what we do. We have been in business for over 35 years, and our staff are some of the most experienced in the City.

Our heritage differentiates us. We are a family-owned, private company that values customer outcomes and long-term relationships over quarterly performance targets.

We have a different perspective. Our parent company is one of the UK’s largest private industrial metals companies; and our global smelting, processing, fabrication and trading operations across the world afford us unique insights into key macroeconomic and geopolitical drivers.

We believe a pure agency model is in our clients’ best interest. We only trade exchange-listed instruments through regulated entities; our fees are on a fully transparent per lot, per share or per trade basis; we do not run any house positions; and we do not rehypothecate client assets – all of our clients’ cash and assets are held in segregated accounts.

We provide value for money. We do not charge any minimum fees; and as a voice broker our expertise is just a call away.


Our Approach.

What is your trading

  • Hedging 

  • Income Generation

  • Tactical Trading

  • Trade Entry/Exit

Which instruments match this objective? 

  • Equities

  • Equity Derivatives

  • ETFs

  • Options on ETFs

  • Exchange-Traded Futures

  • Options on Futures

Where is the value? ​

  • Price

  • Time

  • Volatility

Stock Market Quotes

Our Clients.

Our clients include:

  • Family and private offices

  • Fund and discretionary asset managers

  • Pension funds and trusts

  • Charities

  • Corporations

  • High net worth individuals

  • Professional traders

Tailored solutions across all major
markets and Instruments
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